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Shiba Danjuro: Minor Phoenix daimyo, lord of White Maple Castle. His estate (a small castle + attached town -- more like a large village, really -- two other villages, and the Shrine of the White Maple) lies on the border of Phoenix lands, virtually on top of the unclaimed territory between the Phoenix and the Crane. Fairly easygoing, appreciates protocol but is not a complete stickler for it, fairly typical of more rural/borderland samurai.

He's not Progressive, exactly, or maybe he's just being subtle about it; but he doesn't protest Colonial goods turning up in his town's merchant district or even his castle, when Ide Xe-Ling swings through. Perhaps he could be swayed in either direction? He hasn't let slip any of his opinions on the Crane border, either, or the attitudes being shown by some from that Clan.

Danjuro was engaged to a woman of the Fox Clan, but she apparently died mere days before the wedding. He has since become betrothed a second time, to one of the Seppun (Imperial :o), and will be married at the onset of his Winter Court. (don't worry, Tsuka is expected to arrive some months before then ~)

Shiba Ryusen: A retired magistrate, now Danjuro's castellan and right-hand woman. Approachable, though not initially outwardly friendly she does offer help to those who genuinely appear to need it.

Shiba Minoru: Strong like rock, dependable like rock, immovable like rock. The captain of Danjuro's personal guard and the military forces of White Maple Castle, friendly and outgoing. Sort of like a smotheringly friendly wolfdog.

Shiba Hariku: Courtier and artisan, Hariku is a lively little man with bright eyes and a quiet, knowing smile. Hariku specializes in ikebana and ink painting.

Isawa Kumiko: Spoiled, prone to getting angry if her wishes are not fulfilled quickly and as she desires, and prone to meddling in other's affairs ... and a shugenja. Of course she is. (former school/court-mate? :D)

Asako Himitsu: A quiet, genteel sort, a fixture of the court since Danjuro's father's time. A hunting accident lamed him, and now he seldom moves further than the Castle and its gardens. Apparently quite~ close to Shiba Hariku, or so they say.

Bayushi Kazuo: A hostage fosterling, the brash, short-tempered Kazuo has been a part of Danjuro's court for five years, ever since the Shiba settled out a trade dispute with his father, Bayushi Jira. Sixteen; getting a little old for being kept on a Phoenix's whim? And what was that 'trade dispute' about?

Doji Naoko: Delicate and dark-haired, Naoko listens well but is more evasive than one would expect of a courtier-trained ambassador from the Crane when talks turns towards herself -- and her bodyguard is a Daidoji, not a Kakita duelist.

Daidoji Gangoro: Tall, muscular, brooding, scarred, carries himself like a man who fears nothing, and speaks little (unless, they say, one gets alcohol into him). Gangoro prefers, like many Daidoji, polearms to blades. A strange choice for a bodyguard; unless the Crane are suggesting Naoko is in danger by being in a Phoenix court? (and where does Rayu fit in?)

Shinjo Konomi: A shy warrior with startling green eyes, Konomi -- from reports -- is awkward and out of place (in a Phoenix court? no kidding) but nonetheless is standing her ground somehow ...

Ide Xi-Ling: Unflappable master of a small caravan carrying rare and precious goods -- incense, jewelery, rare texts, exotics from the Colonies -- Xi-Ling comes to White Maple Castle by early summer and leaves in late autumn at most. Her purpose is unclear; some precious commodity to be bought? Swaying the Phoenix to more of a progressive stake via Colonial resources?

Kitsuki Osho: Slim, nervous-looking courtier sort with a scarred left cheek, an old friend of Danjuro's and attending his court as a favour repaid -- but who, or what, was the favour for? There seem to be a lot of favours flying around, in fact ...

Akodo Kurokage: Military from his teeth to his toenails, Kurokage could not be a more sterotypical Lion if he tried and though the man is honourable to a fault, he grates on the sensibilities of many others attending court. The grizzled veteran is the Lion's representative, perhaps present to offer advice on dealing with the Crane?


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