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The official reason Tsuka is off to Shiba Danjuro and White Maple Castle:

A debt of obligation, basically, for being trained in the Isawa school. As noted before, he's off to Danjuro's court to observe, and to fulfill a shugenja's duties -- up to and including, if deemed necessary, helping to deal with any hostilities that break out with the Crane. After all, he may be trained in the Isawa traditions but he's a Scorpion ~ (talk about knowing how to honour your beliefs while skirting right around them, good show Phoenix ;3)

It's worth noting that this makes Tsuka almost as much a part of the castle household/staff as an outsider come to the court, in time ~ Useful ~

Of course, granma's chill with this because it discharges an obligation while giving the Scorpion more openings for intel than god. Heh. Some possibilities include:

- Watch all the feathered idiots! Border tensions are rising between the Phoenix and the Crane, something no one ever expected. The fuss seems to be generating through a combination of Progressive/Traditional friction, some Crane border daimyo beginning to absorb the unclaimed buffer lands, Phoenix distaste for a good deal of Colonial influence/magic/etc, and -- or so it's said -- one Crane warlord (they have those?) in particular. But which one is he?

- What exactly are the Phoenix opinions on the Colonies, and the current sociopolitical split that's growing, helped a great deal in part because of said Colonies? What about Danjuro's in particular?

- What is up with Rayu's family? And they have their hands deep in Colonial interests, it seems, but they haven't uprooted and moved to a Crane Colonial holding or the Second City. What's going on, and would it be useful for the Scorpion to know it, or individual details?

- Is there any notable activity from other Clans lurking around the area? Bugs may not be the only ones sensing opportunity ...

-> and what would Tsuka like to ferret out himself, hmm ~? There's that ancient shrine the castle is apparently named after ...


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