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Doji Barahime: Silver-tongued, clever, and possessing of sharp political claws that seem to come out more and more over the passing years. Though well-versed in courtly ways and not afraid to use them, Barahime is becoming just as known in these changing times as a merchant patron with Colonial ties, though she has never traveled there herself. Neither has she remarried, after all these years ...

Doji (Asahina) Asai: Something of a rarity, an Asahina-born duelist. Asai was quiet, intensely focused, and possessed of a keen eye and a grace the match of any Kakita, pleased to see so many of his children likely to follow in his footsteps ... He is also, one presumes, now deceased. None speak of it; only "a regrettable incident" has ever been alluded to.

Doji Hideaki: Once a duelist and a darling of the Crane courts both, Hideaki has not been seen to draw his katana in years -- and only a scant year or so less than the time since Rayu and Saori were recalled from Phoenix lands. Similarly, his focus seems to have ... drifted more and more, in a way that may be familiar to those well-versed in the products of the City of Lies.

Doji Kenzan: Somewhat at a remove from the rest of his immediate family, Kenzan is a graduate of the Kakita Artisan Academy and focuses on textiles; delicate embroidered kimono to elaborate haori for the battlefield and the finest of hair-ribbons, he deals with them all. His works incorporate a good deal of Colonial patterns, materials and dyes, and are talked about (for good and ill) accordingly.

Doji Saori: An active duelist with a strong temperament (nothing new to Tsuka, lol) and something -- whatever it is -- goading her ever harder and making her even more difficult to deal with. Saori has a respectable win record and is known to be called on to defend Crane courtiers, but is developing a reputation for cold callousness in the dueling arena -- and, at least twice, her opponent has apparently been Rayu.

Doji Rayu: Birb! 83 More dueling here, although he's no slouch with his words and may be leaning towards the courtier's path ...? Or maybe is just practicing his poetry, which he's developing quite the knack for, along with a 'hobby' of incense blending. He's heading off out of Crane lands, and it's hard to say if his dispatch is meant to give this third son a chance to increase his standing, or to get the third and expendable son up off to a place where if he blunders, there's no great loss. Not even a whisper of his mother arranging a betrothal, either, which is unlike most if not all of his siblings.

Doji Himiko: Cheerful, quick-witted, and genial, Himiko certainly seems to be her mother's daughter, following along in the ways of court and subtle economics -- or she would be. But doesn't this budding young potentially-influential blossom seem to be spending a good deal of her time minding after her brother Hideaki's ever-more-frequent slips and mistakes as of late?


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